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Banhear Volleyball Practice Equipment Aid, Solo Soccer Trainer Kit, Practice Your Serving, Spiking, Setting & Arm Swing, Serve & Spike Perfect Volleyball Gift for Beginners & Pro. 3.6 out of 5 stars 6

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PowerNet's Volleyball training station is the perfect tool for any team or individual to work on their serving, hitting or passing. Perfect for team or solo practice and training drills. Bow style fiberglass vertical poles hold the net taut. Ball return makes easy work of gathering practice balls hit into training station.

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The second option is to practice on the court with a net and some cones. Place the cones in a random position on one side of the court, and practice your serves by targeting the cones. You would also need a few balls in order to have continuity when serving. 5 Drills to practice volleyball by yourself with a net.

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Volleyball Training "Volleyball training is a perfect blend of brains and brawn" - Volleyball Socrates. While we've never met Volleyball Socrates we follow his teachings to the letter...that's why you'll see a comprehensive assortment of volleyball training equipment and aids for both the mind (i.e. books) and the body (i.e. everything else in the category).

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At tryouts there were a few girls (75% of them about 5’ tall) that just couldn’t get the ball over the net during the serving portion. Again, volleyball movements are complicated, but serving can be fixed relatively quickly if you know what you’re looking for. By breaking the serve down into its major elements, you can fix a serve (or at least improve it) in just a few minutes. Step 1: Footwork. Always, always, always, start with footwork. Starting with anything else will lead to a ...

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Drill Setup: Six players should be aligned behind the service line, with a good supply of balls to start. Place a ball basket in zone one on the opposite court. The rest of the team will shag balls and roll them back under the net to keep the serving side stocked.

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If the serve is hit out or into the net, the player must serve again. The first group to have all their players seated wins. The losing group must sprint or run laps.

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5. Serving Skills. Practice serving in your garage or shop by serving against a wall. Check with your parents/roommates to make sure this is alright first! Mark a line with painter's tape (the blue stuff) at 7'4 for women 14 years and up, and 7' for women 12 and under.

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