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Game, Set, Match. Smash your opponents to win the championship in this collection of tennis games. If you love racket sports but you can't get out on the court, these games will serve you up some excitement whether you have a few minutes to spare or an entire afternoon.

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You’ll be able to win the Grand Slam like legends Andre Agassi and Roger Federer with our tennis games collection. Learn how to serve over 100mph and win a game of aces with skills like Andy Roddick! Our collection features many exciting challenges, such as real-world tournaments and serve return games. You can play on any type of court, from clay to grass to hard-top.

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Service games won leaders and stats by career, year, surface and country from men's professional tennis on the ATP Tour.

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Tennis Game for Beginner #2: The School Game . School is one of the simplest tennis games for beginners. It is actually a serve practice drill. Players start at the service line and try to serve into the service box. Once he or she gets three serves into both service boxes, the player will graduate from kindergarten to grade school.

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Tennis Fun & Practice Games. Doubles – Move Up. The aim is to improve doubles play, groundstrokes, net shots, and communication. Doubles – Don’t Break it. Doubles – Over Your Head. Doubles – Lob or Lose. Singles – Target.

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The video is a must watch, below I have screen shots of each of the 23 drills. 01 Topspin serve with a coat hanger 02 Topspin serve with topspin pro 03 Hand behind back 04 Topspin serve over fence 05 Throw with palm down 06 Throw over rope to reach up 07 Throw from L position 08 Throw racket 09 Lead with the edge Check out Rob's site with has over 22,000 tennis videos 10 Tip elbow off fence 11 Serve from abbreviated position 12 Point finger to sky ball toss 13 Velcro pad to improve contact ...

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One-Up / One-Back – Serve – fun way to practice serving under pressure. (1 video / 4 minutes) Sandwich – footwork, fun. (1 video / 3 minutes) O-U-T – serve game for 2-6 players. (1 video / 5 minutes) Lines – teach the court lines in a fun way. (1 video / 5 minutes) Falling Towers– fun game for 2-6 players.

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11 Fun Tennis Games for Kids [Tennis Drills for Kids] 1. Dodge Ball. This game is played much like the traditional game except this time you will be using the net, a racket,... 2. Tidy/Messy. This game will require the use of 12 tennis ball cans with lids. Set up the cans on one side of the court... ...