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Prince ResiPro Replacement Grip (EXO3 Tour stock grip) CUT installed: 14.4 g (done in '12) CUT installed: 15.0 g (done 6-6-13) and is 42.25" in length Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid UNCUT: 27.2 g (0.96 oz) CUT installed: 24.2 g (0.85 oz) Thickness = 2.0 mm (eyeballed with ruler on thickest side) Wilson Comfort Hybrid UNCUT: ? CUT installed: 10.4 g (0.37 oz)

Let's Gather All Grip Specs (Weight & Thickness ... - Talk Tennis

Oehms Pro Leather Grip Tan Weight (trimmed): 25g Thickness: 1.5mm Felt more connected to the racket than the Dunlop, less than the Tecnifibre but was too heavy and felt a bit cheap Grip Wilson Premium Leather Natural Weight (trimmed): 24g Thickness: 1.6mm Great feeling, felt really connected to the racket, sadly it's too thick for me

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This can change the overall weight anywhere from 10-15 grams depending on what type of grip you are using and in what combination with other grips. Wilson Sporting Goods Leather Tennis Grip 100% Premium calfskin composition

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Weight. Synthetic grips will be lighter, ranging from roughly 15 – 25 grams (.52 to .88 ounces), while leather grips will typically range from 20 – 30 grams ( .71 to 1.06 ounces). When you change grips, you’re going to influence the total weight and balance of your racquet. Although you might not do anything to counteract the change in balance, it’s good to be aware.

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As the name implies, strung weight is the weight of a tennis racquet with tennis strings installed. This weight is measured by placing a strung racquet on a scale to calculate its weight. For reference, tennis strings will generally add roughly 15 -20 grams or a little over a half-ounce to a racquet’s static weight. Unstrung weight, on the other hand, is simply a measurement of a tennis racquet’s weight without strings installed.

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One last note: If you switch over to leather, expect your racquets to increase in weight about 10 grams, depending on the brand of grip and how it’s wrapped. Given the location of the weight change, you may also find that your racquet swings a bit more head-light through the air. For more on the latest gear and tennis technology, visit TENNIS.com.

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When buying a new tennis racquet, one of the decisions you’ll have to make after you’ve settled on a specific model is which grip size is best for you.Althou...