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Product FAQs - Spalding

Basketball What is the recommended inflation level for a basketball? 7 to 9 PSI (pounds per square inch) What does PSI mean? PSI means Pounds per Square Inch. Why should I not inflate a ball over the intended PSI? Over-inflation may damage the integrity of the ball and it will not perform to standards.

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Don’t bother if you didn’t see it on your ball—not every manufacturer prints it on their basketballs. NBA recommends that the air pressure in a basketball must be between 7.5 and 8.5psi. You can use this standard measurement as a guide to get the required air pressure for your basketball.

How much do I pump up my basketball? – Spalding

Spalding balls will have an inflation guide printed around their inflation valves. They are marked in pSi (pounds/square inch) and should never be exceeded. Generally, they are 7 to 9 pSi. 1 pSi = 6.9 kPa.

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INFLATION: Shipped inflated and we recommend 8 PSI; INDOOR PLAY ONLY; Backed by Spalding's Warranty

FAQs – Spalding

How much do I pump up my basketball? Why shouldn’t I inflate a ball over the intended PSI? What does size 5, size 6 and size 7 mean in regards to basketballs and which one is best for me? Which ball is best for outdoor courts? What is a composite or composite leather cover? How can I ensure my basketball remains in good condition?

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The Spalding NBA Replica Game Ball’s bounce is perfect for indoor and outdoor courts. It bounces with consistency which is a great advantage of this replica. Moreover, the amount of bounce feels ideal when you keep the air pressure at 7.5 PSI. Unlike some other basketballs which get the right bounce at around 8+ PSI.

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Sweat is not a problem anymore when handling this basketball because of enhanced moisture-wicking technology. Approved by NCAA and the recommended inflation level is 7-9 PSI for a consistent bounce. For outdoor play, the Wilson company also manufactured a replica of this basketball Wilson NCAA replica game basketball.

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