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Blackjack side bets explained. Side bets in Blackjack are totally separate wagers that have ...

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Blackjack Side Bets Explained in Plain English Common side bets at most Casinos. There are a number of common side bets that you will find at most Blackjack tables. Other side bets to look out for. The Casino industry is highly competitive, and so new side bets are being invented all... Conclusion. ...

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Blackjack side bets explained | What are Blackjack side bets?

Side bets are bonus bets placed on a round of Blackjack on outcomes beyond whether the player or dealer will win. The majority are staked at the start of the round before the cards have been dealt alongside regular bets and many have fixed odds that usually offer greater payouts than the simple 2:1 rewarded for beating the dealer.

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Most Common Blackjack Side Bets Insurance. Insurance is a favorite side bet and gives you relief against a blackjack that the dealer may get with an... Perfect Pairs. With this gamble, only your cards are involved. The payout is determined by what type of pair you are... 21+3 Poker Hands. This side ...

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Gamblers love side bets as they offer the chance of blackjack side bets payout. However, strategic blackjack players might avoid them because side bets are purely based on luck. The 21 + 3 blackjack side bet. Unlike your main blackjack bet, where you simply get a 1:1 return if you win the hand (unless you made a blackjack), with 21 + 3 you can get much more by piecing together a decent three-card "poker" hand from your own two hole cards, and the dealer’s face-up card.

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Blackjack Strategy. Blackjack side bets are additional bets that you can make while playing a traditional blackjack game either in a land-based or online casino. These side bets usually require a rather small wager and they generally have payoffs that are greater than the customary even-money blackjack payoffs.

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Side bets in Blackjack are just that: optional bets that you can make in addition to your main hand bet. The bets cover things that happen during the main hand play that aren’t covered by the normal playing rules of Blackjack. Side bets generally have no link to the main hand outcome, apart from Bet Behind which I’ll explain more about later.

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An Introduction to Blackjack Side Bets. There was once a blackjack side bet so profitable that casinos had to eliminate it just two years after its introduction. It was the over/under 13 – a bet so good, card counters shifted their focus from the game to this simple side bet.

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Read on to find out more about the popular blackjack side bets available around Australia. What is a blackjack side bet? A side bet is an optional additional wager you can choose to place when playing a game of real money blackjack. It has no affect on the aim of the main game (which is to get a hand as close to 21 as possible without busting) and works as an entirely separate bet, while requiring no extra game play.